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    "At Wagenbouw HAPERT we aim to please our customers. Therefor, not only the products that we deliver have to be flawless, but also the organisation behind these products".

  • HAPERT Amigo



    With appropriate pride, we present the Amigo. This robust, unbraked trailer with aluminium side-walls is characterised by familiar HAPERT quality. Special option packs are available, which make the Amigo suitable for practically all consumer needs.

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  • The Flat Bed Trailer!

     Plateauwagen tandemasser AL Redesign


    The HAPERT Flat Bed Trailer is renewed! 

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A HAPERT trailer: sturdy

A trailer is a transport solution. Its main purpose is to carry your valuable cargo from A to B. Your trailer has to be tough and durable; you have to be able to rely on it. Your trailer has to be safe and stable so that your cargo arrives undamaged at its destination. A well-built chassis, high-quality rubber-suspended axles and a low centre of gravity guarantee optimal road holding. Your trailer has to be cleverly designed, combining a low unladen weight with a strong chassis. A trailer that is this sturdy can only be a HAPERT.

A HAPERT trailer: multifunctional

A trailer has to be multifunctional. It does not matter whether you want to transport machines, flowers, rubble, garden waste, cars, food or sand, you want a trailer that can hold its own. With all the modular optional add-ons, you can always find a trailer perfectly suited to your needs. The smart corner-pillar construction and the hinged aluminium dropsides are easy to remove allowing you to create a flat-bed trailer in a trice. The corner pillars also double as a base, for example, for supporting a wire-mesh container, which is ideal for carrying leaves and garden waste. A rear-mounted U-profile combined with integrated drive-on ramps enables you to get your machine or car on and off the trailer quickly and safely. Furthermore, the TÜV certified load securing system with fastening brackets (that can each hold up to 1000 kg) integrated in the sides will keep your cargo firmly in place. A trailer that is this multifunctional can only be a HAPERT.

A HAPERT trailer: reliable

A trailer must never let you down. It has to be reliable and durable. We guarantee top performance you can depend on from your HAPERT trailer by exclusively using high-quality materials. Well thought-out designs reduce constructional stress. Advanced structural strength calculations guarantee minimum deformation. A trailer has to be able to withstand a knock or two. During in-depth testing in the most widely ranging practical situations, HAPERT trailers prove themselves time and time again. A trailer that is this reliable can only be a HAPERT.

A HAPERT trailer: innovative

A trailer has to be easy to use and keep up with the times. HAPERT innovates continually. From the drawing board to the comprehensive range of options and accessories, HAPERT trailers are always well thought-out and built to be state-of-the-art. Pioneering designs, ultra-modern welding techniques, efficient assembly and automated production processes result in top-quality trailers. Storage compartments and drive-on ramps that can be fitted after production as options, smart assembly grooves, hinges for attaching a cargo net, adjustable coupling height, integrated fastening brackets and the Combi-Protect Rail system make your HAPERT trailer the most user-friendly transport solution available on the market. And because of its fantastic looks, you won't mind being seen with it. A trailer that is this innovative can only be a HAPERT.